My name is Joaquin Diez Requejo.
I’m born in the Netherlands on 24 April 1985. I was raised by my Spanish dad en Dutch mother. I live al my life in the Netherlands.

Since my sixteenth year I was interested in photography and videography. I did my study and graduated with a multimedia designer degree in the year 2005.

After the study I worked by a video production company named “Heijnen Video Produkties” With this job I learned a lot about production and editing videos.

After a couple of years I choose a different path with my work life.

I still have the passion for photography and videography.

I made different movies combined with photos en videos for myself and friends. You can see those on my YouTube channel.

Know a days I started to make movies with only video.
I like it and for the time being it’s a hobby for me.

Who knows what the future brings for JDR Photography & Films.